Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy National Doughnut Day!

Ok so I found out today is national doughnut day! I looooooovvveeee doughnuts!!! I use any excuse to get them while at work! There are only a few of us here today, So I convince those others that they also want doughnuts and go to Fresh Donuts and Deli just down the street! Well I get there and there is a line out the door and only a handful of doughnuts left!! AHHHHH!!!! I was freaking out! I asked how long till more were done and they said an hour! If I wasn't at work I would have waited! So I frantically called my work and had them look up the Salt Lake Doughnut company, well they moved to Draper! So I was talked in to going to Reams to buy the doughnuts since I had to buy chocolate milk anyway! Well I get there and get the milk, walk over to the doughnuts and am waiting for like 10minutes! No one came to help me! How rude! While I was waiting I was looking at the doughnuts and decided they looked really dry and not good like the ones I was going to get at the other place! While I was leaving I noticed a sign that said the doughnuts are self serve! oops! Well I then decided to drive to Schmidts Bakery because they have amazing doughnuts! Of course I get there and am waiting in line another good 15 mintues just to be told they are all out of doughnuts!!! Where's a krispy kremes when I need one??? At this point I'm about to give up! But I then decided to give the place by my work one more try! I looked up there number on my phone(you can text to google and they give you addresses and phone numbers! It's awesome!) I told them to put a dozen of whatever they had and hold it for me! She didnt even take my name or anything and hung up the phone! But at that point I didn't care, I just wanted my doughnuts!!! So I drove as fast as I could without going over the speed limit too much. The girl seemed to sense I was the one who called as I probably looked really desperate to get some doughnuts and as I was in there an HOUR earlier! That's right! All this running around took me an hour!!!! I might as well have waited! Well I finally get back to work and thought, "I should've bought more! " A lot more people showed up to work while I was gone! The good news is that I got to eat the doughnuts I wanted with my chocolate milk! There is nothing better! That is my random blog for the day! And I hope you all get to go out and eat a doughnut on this wonderful national day!