Wednesday, April 29, 2009

16 Weeks!

Well I have finally made it to week 16 and I am HUGE!!!! So I needed a break from work on Tuesday and decided to look up some baby stuff that I thought would be fun to read! Well I came upon some checklists and I thought, "Oh I love checklists! Let's see what I can start getting ready for!" So I first started with the daddy list, so I was going through it and thought, "ok I can help Luke with all of this, except what is the birth plan?" Every list I looked at it mentioned some sort of birth plan but never said what it was...anyone?? What the heck is that? Ok then I look at the hospital bag checklist and see I need to bring something to wear that I wouldn't mind throwing away later....had no idea, ok...then I need to bring some breast pads, forgot about those, ok....bring a book to read to pass the time during labor! what?? Am I really going to be reading??? Ok so at this point I start realizing that human I am growing inside me HAS TO COME OUT! I can't leave the hospital without that happening! Little freaked out...So then I move onto the baby proofing checklist....for those of you who have been to my house know that our house is nowhere near baby is that ever going to happen??? Danger everywhere! Help! Then it says I need to put together a few first aid kits to put basically anywhere I will be going. It says I should even put one in my diaper bag, so the first aid kit has about 40 items in it, but at the same time it says you don't need to pack the whole nursery either, but wont the first aid kit take up the whole diaper bag anyway?? Then when I started reading about what stuff I need for the nursery I realized I will actually be taking care of this child and that's when I ended the reading of the checklists! I was feeling so overwhelmed! It was a lot to take in all at once! Because at that point I really realized I have no idea how to be a mom! Any books I should be reading? Any advice for the hospital visit??? I need all the help I can get! Oh and I need to work out really bad, any advice there would be awesome too!
Anyway, just thought I would share that with everyone. It helps to get it out all my new fears and worries out in the open!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kiss Your Mate Day!!

Ok out of all the funny holidays I like to put on here, this one has to be my favorite so far! So I say go crazy! Even more than usual!
Today also marks week 16 for us! Almost half way! Pics and longer post to come....

Monday, April 13, 2009


So for spring break I went to Vegas for 2 days with my friend Sharay! We had so much fun! We got to stay in a suite at The Palazzo! It was very nice! The only problem with it was there were gross hairs in our bath tub, and even after we complained about it never got cleaned up! Even when they said the manager had come to inspect it, they never touched the tub or shower when they tidied up our room! Rude! But the rest of the room was fun! So basically we went to relax and lay by the pool, well it was only sunny the first day we were there and only laid out for about an hour, the next day it was overcast and windy! But we found The Fashion Show mall to keep us busy until we had to go to dinner and then our show! We ate at Margartiaville our first night, it was alright...we might not have ordered the right thing though. But being pregnant nothing sounded good but a salad! But we did get our virgin daquaries. They were tasty! Neither of us won any money, but at least this time I knew how to use those machines! I tried to play 21 because I have been practicing on Luke's phone, but when I finally got the guts to sit down and play I got I.D'd and didn't have my I.D. on me. The lady was very rude and told me to get off the casino floor! So I never got to play my game! :( Oh well I will just have to go back and play... Here are a few pics of the fun we had. I was a slacker and took like 10 pics so I picked the best ones...hopefully!
The King size bed!
The living room of our suite.

Cool volcano show outside the Mirage!

We got half price tickets to dinner for 3 bucks each! We went to Planet Hollywood! It was pretty good, and the whole time we have wanted cool cups that we see everyone with, but of course without the alcohol. Well we found out they are like 29 bucks so we settled for these from Planet Hollywood that light up! They only cost 7 bucks extra.

One of the Blue Men...He got blue on me though...:( Not good for a white hoodie! But they were very strange but very funny! They never smiled or laughed, just straight faced as they did stuff. I can't even describe what the show was like, it is just something you have to see! I would suggest getting tickets half price at the half price place at the Fashion Show Mall. The show was really fun though!

The cool band that played along with the Blue Man group. All you could see was their cool skeleton colors and the paint on their faces. They looked so cool!

Rascal Flatts!!!

YAY! Megan won tickets to the Rascal Flatts concert and asked me to go with her! This was the end of February sometime. They were so awesome!!!! And very hot! We had great seats, I think the best I have ever sat in for a concert! We had so much fun rockin out to them! I took like 100 pics, it was very hard to pick which ones I wanted to put on here. So I decided one of each of them! I highly recommend going to their concert though if you get the chance!

Monster Truck Rally!!!

So this is back from Valentines Day! Cassandra and I went to the Monster Truck Rally at the ESA while Luke was out of town. It was a lot of fun! We went to the truck rally then to dinner then went and saw Secrets of a Shopaholic! It was so great!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

13 Weeks!!!

Can't belive I am finally through my first Trimester! That felt like it took forever! I am still feeling a little sick, but definately not like last week. I am hoping I just wake up one day and feel awesome! That happens right? I hope so! Well only 6 months to go! I know this is extremely short but I just thought I would update everyone on how I was doing. I have so many pictures to post but I doubt I will put all of them on! Hopefully by Easter I can have everything updated! Hopefully....Thanks for all of your love and support! Love you all!!!