Sunday, February 28, 2010


We decided to try solid food today! I heard to try the grossest veggie first, and to me and Luke that is peas!  His initial reaction was the best!  Its mostly like the last pic on here!  i really think he liked the spoon more then anything!! All in all it was a good experience! He is just growing so fast! Being at work all day I am so afraid I am going to miss the big things! He is so close to rolling over! I have been working at it so hard at home so he'll do it for me! So sure enough he will do it while i am at work! But he is just as cute as ever! Always making us smile or laugh! Such a joy to have in our home, especially after a hard, long day at work! His cute voice is always there to cheer us up! We love him more than anything and are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Presidents Weekend!

For Presidents weekend we went up to Bear Lake! This was the first time Brody was on a snowmobile! Dari has pics of him in his snow suit.  I have decided I am the worst at taking pics of our son! But anyway, I did get a few of the weekend! It was fun, we went back to the sinks, Jeremy got engaged, caught up on relaxing, ate breakfast(don't normally do that), played half of a game, watched tons of movies! We unfortunately didn't get to watch the Olympics! I even got an awesome gift from Luke for Valentines Day! It's a Nike connection for my Ipod and Iphone! It's so fun! A women talks to me while I am running and the last time I went running Lance Armstrong told me how great I did! Above are some of the pics I did take! I even got a little video! Brody is a talker! Had to get that on film! The video wont upload! But I promise it is cute!