Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 months!

So this is kind of late! Brody is now almost 7 months! Time has gone by way too fast! I feel like you don't have time to enjoy each stage of their little accomplishments! But as a 6 month old he can do quite a bit, well at least to me he can. But he is learning how to eat new foods. So far Avocado and bananas are his favorite! I have started to puree them myself and got creative and mixed carrots in with bananas and he loved them! We have found out he likes to drink out of cups, he chews on his sippy, but won't really drink the water, at least not on purpose! He loves to drink water out of our water glasses! Also he is great at rolling around! I was gardening the other day and left him inside to play and when I came back in to check on him I couldn't see him anymore! He had rolled off his blanket and was by his new car sucking on one of my shoes! I freaked out for a second until I walked further and saw him. I actually thought he had crawled away! But he hasn't learned how to do that yet, luckily! We're not ready for crawling in our house at all! He is so close to figuring it out though. He tries so hard, he stretches out his arm then almost moves his leg, than he rolls over. So funny! He makes me laugh! He is also a jabber mouth! Especially in the mornings! He also has been so happy lately, I thought he was teething as he keeps putting things in his mouth and chewing on them, kind of tugging on his ear and getting really red cheeks, but I check every day and there is nothing! We have fun checking though! I tell him to saw ahhh, he opens up wide and says ahhh, and when I check his gums he starts giggling! He loves to have his diaper changed! That is when we seem to have the most fun! He always starts laughing when I start to clean his bum, I have no idea why he thinks it's so funny, maybe it tickles! Who knows! Either way I am having such a great time being a mom! I just wish I could be home with him; we'd have even more fun! He is the easiest kid to take care of, so when he gets fussy sometimes I am not sure what to do! He is just always so happy though! We are so blessed to be his parents! I never thought I could love someone so much! When I am at work I feel like part of me is missing, it breaks my heart every day. I am hoping that will change soon…but I doubt it. Can't wait for his next appointment though to see where he will be. 

As of 6 months he is 17
percentile for weight, 75 percentile for height and 98 percentile for his head! My pediatrician told me he is going to be a genius…we'll see…he weighed 15lbs 9oz and 27 inches long. Almost time for a new car seat!
Here are just a few more pics of the love of our lives over the last few months!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

St. George

So a few weeks ago Cassandra and I went down to St George to visit Walter and Traci's family! It was great! I didn't take too many pics, but I decided to put up a few that I did take! I was supposed to go running on Saturday morning, but I didn't bring any of my warm running clothes as St. George is supposed to be warm! Well it just happened to be cold that morning! Anyway, so I went with Walt to Boyce's baseball practice! It was fun! Walter is the coach as he is for most of Boyce's teams.  It was fun to watch Walter teach these boys how to play baseball!  So while practice was going on, Trey and I were playing on the playground and then went and played some soccer, and when I say play I really mean Trey kicking the ball into the goal while I watched! You can tell Boyce is a great big brother, he really entertained Brody and made him laugh! It was really cute! Then of course the main reason why we went down, we got to see Hudson! I forget how little these babies start out! He is adorable! He seemed pretty mellow! So we had a great time! So happy we were able to go down and see our family!