Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Boy!!! & 25 weeks

So I just realized I never blogged about the sex of our baby!! I figured I should do it before I update with the rest of the stuff I have been meaning to put up here, which should be by next week! But We are very, very excited!!! Now I can put the room together and start figuring out what stuff we are going to be buying for him! He's already way adorable of course, I will put the ultra sound up when I put up the rest of the my posts. Anyway the name I have picked out is Brody Byron Orton...hopefully it sticks, as that is what everyone calls him now anyway! Luke doesn't mind it, he says it is growing on him, and since he doesn't really have an opinion about it that is what we will be naming him!
I also thought I would post a pic of me at 25 weeks! I grow more and more everyday, it's pretty amazing being pregnant. There is a lot the human body can go through, but this has to be the hardest and craziest. And yet somehow after all the stretching of the skin and growing of body parts, you can still somehow make it back to your normal self after a little bit. I do not think I will be one of the lucky ones that can just automatically get any sort of figure back, but that's ok, I do enjoy working out! Well's the getting there part that is hard! So we are still way excited to be bringing this little boy into our lives! Most days it still doesn't feel real, but I suppose one day when I am holding him at 3am trying to figure out why he is still crying it will...