Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Weeks to go!!!

So as I get closer, I get more miserable!!! :) It's so wonderful! I am so grateful to be having such a healthy pregnancy! Brody is growing like he should and I am right on track for giving birth. No contractions or anything yet. I almost feel like I'm not even coming to the end just because I haven't felt anything the doctor keeps asking me about. But I assume that is actually a good thing since I still have 6 weeks left!
Every week it seems I go through something new that I just love(that was sarcastic for those of you who coulnd't tell)...the last few weeks it has been an itchy belly! And I dont mean I sometimes have an's like I have a ton of mosquito bites all over my lower stomach! It's awesome! I have tried what seems like everything to get the itching to stop but I just keep itching! I find myself scratching my belly when I wake up during the night! I am hoping this wont last the rest of the 6 weeks!
I haven't had many problems with my feet swelling until I went back to work. By Friday they are huge and it hurts to walk...usually by Sunday my feet look normal again and I feel good walking...but that did not happen this weekend! They never went back down! It's never good to start out the week with swollen feet and ankles! I have put a big box under my desk so I can put my feet up during the day while I am sitting there. I think it has helped quite a bit!
Well I think those are my biggest complaints as of right now! I don't have the problem of having to run to the bathroom every five minutes yet, but I hear that will come when he drops and I will be able to breathe again, but will have to use the bathroom constantly! I guess we shall see!
So it's kind of funny but sometimes I image what it will be like when Brody is finally here with us and since he has been in my for what seems like forever, I can almost imagine him talking and walking right away! I know that's not possible, but I feel like he's already so old! The way he moves around, which is my most favorite part about being pregnant!, it feels like I know him so well and that we have these silent connections with eachother. I hope that doesn't make me sound crazy...
Anyway I am glad I got to write that all down! It feels good to get it all out! In the next few weeks Luke and I have decided to do the maternity pics! I am so excited for Dari to do those! They will be so fun! So hopefully by the end of my 4 weeks I will have those posted, if they are ready! I figured that would give me something to look forward to though! Yay! Dari took this pic by the way! I don't know about everyone else, but it looks like my nose has doubled in size!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

30 Weeks!!!!

So I am officially in my 3rd trimester and am counting down the weeks! We haven't done anything to get ready for the Brody's birthday! I have started looking at all the big stuff that I would like to get, but with Luke working 24/7 don't know when we'll actually start getting them! Hopefully by September I will at least know what I am going to do with the room. I still have no idea if I am going to have a theme, or just a generic color scheme that I can use for all my children! I do have a few ideas but can't decide on one!
I feel Brody moving around all the time now! At least when I am sitting or laying down! I'm still not used to the feeling of it! It surprises me everytime! Especially when I can actually feel his hand or foot! Craziness!!!
I still have a bunch of other stuff to post, but it goes back to May, so I haven't decided if I want to do all of that! We will see...turns out even though I wasn't at work staring at a computer all day, I still hated being on the computer while I was off!
Everything is going really well though, Luke will be back to a normal schedule in a few weeks! Yay! I am really excited to have my husband back! Although it's nice to have the extra income. I will try, try, try really hard to get the rest of my posts up before the end of the week! I think it will lift a weight off my shoulders for sure! Love you all!