Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So it was my birthday on July 10th which I told you in the previous blog I celebrated at Girls Camp. So when I got back we had a family party on Sunday! It was great! We had a fabulous dinner with my favorite things...Steak, breadsticks, frogeye & potato salad!!!!!!MMMMM!!! And then I got my wonderful present...a Wii! Thank you!
It was fun to have everyone give it a shot! Dodgeball is my favorite game!

You can see Luke was having a great time, this is his favorite thing to do on Sunday!
Luke gave me the greatest present....time with my husband!! I loved it!!!

This is my absolute favorite cake! Strawberry Jello Cake! MMMMM
Even Doug and Dari got in on the action!
We also had some great home made ice cream!
Don't they look like they are having fun??? Brandon & Stacey were here earlier playing as well, but left before we started taking pictures!!!

Girls Camp Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I had a way hard time trying to pick which pictures to use for this post!! I took over 90 of them and I didn't want to leave anyone out! But girls camp was way fun this year! We had stake camp so I was with my mother & sister in law!! For those of you who don't know I am the assistant camp director and Beehive advisor in my ward. Our theme was Wizard of Oz, we were the Lions! I also got to celebrate my birthday up at camp this year. They made me feel very loved on my special day! Just hangin out! It was really hot, but we survived! Tiana & Hillary
Ok there were a ton of flies at our camp so these girls decided to make some fly masks!!! It was a good idea till they decided they couldn't breathe too well!
This is me and Ms. Chanandler Bong blowing out my birthday match!
Emma really wanted to show how much she loved my blog!
Sarah and Kamille were the crazy ones up at camp! And I mean that in the best possible way!!!

Having a great time in their tent! These girls are the new beehives this year! Emily & Katie
More hangin out in tents! This was the first day so everyone looks clean still!
I(along with Debbie,my mominlaw)made some lion headbands and tails! They loved them!
We just finished half of our 5 mile hike! We were already dead!!!
Dari!!!!!! I loved being at camp with Dari and Debbie, made me feel more at home!!! Love you guys!

Happy July 4th!!!!!

We started off the day at the Murray Parade!! Lukas has to run sound for the announcers so we get some good shaded seats! My mom came and hung out with us, she rode her bike! Go mom!!! This is Luke and his crew that helped out that morning! After they cleaned up we were ready to go home. I was sitting out by the road waiting for Luke to come pick me up when I saw him drive by. I thought he was going to check something out before he picked me up. I thought about calling him to see what he was up to be usually when I do that he just ends up saying he's on his way. Well he calls me and tells me he made it to State Street and realized...hmmm I'm forgetting something...ya me!!! He totally left me there!!! I thought it was too funny to be too upset, but I still gave him a hard time the rest of the day!

We got to go to the Bee's game with the fam that night!! It was so much fun!! The only not fun part was when the ball came flying at us and we all ducked except the girl behind us who got a nice shiner!!! I felt so bad!! Also John & Tina were there and for some reason I didn't get their picture taken! Sorry guys! I still love you! Cute Trey!!!
Lukas, Me, Boyce & CJ
Walt & Traci
Mom & Dad
Boyce doesn't like loud noises so we got to hold his ears while the fireworks were going off!!! He was funny!

Fathers Day!!!

This is my dad opening the gift Luke and I gave him. He was very very confused as to what it was! He finally figured out they were lawn mower parts that he thought was for his old lawn mower. So I told him to go try them out on his lawn mower while Luke went to go get his real present. So the last picture is him trying to put them on even though they are not even the same brand! It was really funny, it worked out better than we thought it would to try and trick him with opening these things first!

This is what those parts actually go to! It was fun to confuse my dad! But he had a way way old lawn mower that Luke and I both had a really really hard time pushing around the lawn. Ya it was a push mower, but the hardest push mower ever!!! This one doesn't even need a bag! My dad loves to mow his lawn now! And we love that he loves to mow his lawn now! That just means we don't have to do it! Just kidding dad we love mowing your lawn too!

My Sis

This is me and my sisters Cassandra & Melissa(middle). Melissa came to visit us from Portland the beginning of June!! This is super late but I still wanted to get some pics up from her visit! We had a great time with her and her kids!! They even spent a night at my house! It was so fun! Here are a few pictures of her kids....