Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 Weeks

Our little guy is so wonderful! I can't believe how much I love him! Everyday I get excited for the new things he has in store for us! He has recently started smiling more and makes a noise that sounds like he is trying to laugh! Christmas is going to be so fun when he is laughing and smiling all the time! All is he does now is scowl at everyone! But it's so cute it really doesn't matter! He has his two month appointment next week! It will be fun to see how much he is grown! We can tell he has grown quite a bit as his clothes are now fitting him! He has gotten a pretty big head as well! It's getting kind of heavy to hold! But he hold's it up so well on his own! It seems like he is growing so fast! I can't believe he is only 7 weeks old! For some reason he seems so much older than that! He has also started sleeping really well through the night! I am hoping by the time I go back to work he sleeps all the way through the night!
We have been so blessed by this little miracle! He is such a good little guy. He only cries when he wants something so basically he doesn't cry much at all! It's so great!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

O Christmas Tree

I decided to blog about my tree today! I love it! It used to belong to a family friend who gave it to my parents. My parents decided it was too big for their place, although I usually would make them put it up anyway! When I got married they decided to give it to me since I loved it so much! It's a pain to put up but so worth it for me! I have to put each branch up one by one, but when I am done it is so big and full! It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations! That was all I wanted to say! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ok these pics uploaded backwards...but we start with brandon and stacey carving pumpkins a few days before halloween! Their pumpkins looked great! Brandon dropped one on his way into our house and Stacey made it look like a pumpkin was throwing up...i didn't take a pic of it, i'm not sure why..but it looked so great! I honestly think that was my favorite one, besides Luke's awesome pumpkin! Sadly Luke's pumpkin didn't last the night :( It shriveled up through the night! So glad we took some awesome pics of it the night before! We didn't even end up putting our pumpkins dumb is that! The pic of Brody was on Halloween. That was his costume, he was too little to have a real costume! Next year though he will have a real one! We just hung out Halloween night, we got quite a few trick or treaters! Way more than last year, we even almost ran out of candy! We had a great time carving pumpkins and a great halloween!!!