Friday, August 20, 2010

10 months

So I have never posted my summer pics! I honestly may never get to it! Now that I am back at work, getting things done at home are almost impossible! This little boy takes all my time as soon as I get home! He goes to bed earlyish, but by the time that happens I am wiped out! This little boy is the love of my life! He is so adorable! He is mostly the happiest kid! And quite the stud might I add! He is so so close to walking! I think he is scared of it though! As soon as he takes a few steps he quickly looks for something to cling onto! I don't know what else is new with him! He is getting smarter though, he copies a lot of things you'll do! He has mastered his wave finally.  He now has 3 teeth.  He will show you he is a big boy.  Knows where his ears are, working on the nose right now.  He is always pointing to the ceiling and talking to it! He has less than 2 months till he is off formula! Yay!!! He is definitely my favorite little kid ever! He sleeps so nicely during the night, and I can finally tell he knows who I am! I have been a little worried about that since he doesn't see me very much! I could keep talking about this kid forever! But I'll wait until the next post to talk more! Probably for his year one! Can't believe how fast that is approaching! So excited!