Monday, July 18, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

We had such a great fourth of July this year! Mandy and Stella joined us for the parade in the morning, then we headed over to the Orton's for some brunch! After we just played around in the yard for a bit, it was such a nice overcast day it was perfect! Then we all took some much needed naps! Later on we ventured out and bought some couches! So excited for those to show up! We went to Red Robin for dinner and then watched some fireworks! Brody was so good during it all too! I didn't want the day to end! SO fun! Definitely my favorite Holiday ever! Besides my birthday of course...;) That post is coming up next! Hope everyone else had a great 4th!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wanted to put up some of my favorite pics of Brody over the last few months! He has grown so much it is crazy! We're still working on the talking thing, but really he knows so much! He is one smart kid! And we love him so much!!   
Loves his water
Bieber Fever! 
 The only pic I took on Easter where you can see his whole outfit!
 Really focused on that phone
Such luscious lips!
 Crazy kid! He is into putting things on his head right now! Wish I could get a pic of all of them!
This is one of my favorites!