Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jackson Hole!

We went to Jackson Hole a few weekends ago for our anniversary trip! We had so much fun! I'd never been there before and Lukas went a long time ago! Unfortunately they were in their offseason when we went so only their shops were open! But we still enjoyed ourselves!
This is us at Dairy Queen! This only seems to taste good to me when I'm outside of Utah! Especially if I'm in Ronan, Montana!

Lukas taking pictures!

On the way home we stopped along the Snake River to take a few pics! The pics I'm posting are from my camera as they were easier to get to for me! Everything was so gorgeous though! We also stopped by the Tetons but Lukas also has those pictures. I may just post those at a later time!

Where's the Eiffel Tower????

New Old Car!!!!

I got my new car! Well new to me! It's a 99 Alero Oldsmobile! It is a fun little car to run around in! It wasn't so pretty looking when we got it, but Lukas buffed it all out and I cleaned out the inside! It looks and smells great now!!! :)