Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer is coming!

We have been enjoying being outside whenever it is warm enough! I am sure Brody doesn't care as much, but I have loved it! Recently I have been putting on his little sunglasses, he only puts them on when daddy puts his on! Its quite funny! I had to hold his arms down to take any pics with his sunglasses on when Luke wasn't around! Sometimes he will push down his glasses to his nose and look over the top of them. So cute!                                                                               
He is the funniest little guy though! He has been talking so much lately! Of course it's all jibberish to us, but still so cute! He is starting to pull himself to standing positions, he almost has it mastered.  We put him on his hands and knees to try and get him to crawl, but just ends up staying in that position until he gets tired and starts to cry.  Eventually he will fall over! Sometimes he sits back on his bum! We just love this little guy so much! Every little thing is so exciting! Even though the thought of him crawling is scary, it is also very exciting to see him reach a new milestone!


Melissa said...

Aren't little boys funny!?! Enjoy the jibberish, while it lasts...before you know it, he'll be saying the darndest things. Miss ya guys!

Troy and Mandy said...

How cute is that!!!?? Man, I swear Brody gets cuter and cuter by the day. Every time I see him he is even more adorable than the last time!

Shawna said...

AH! Look how big my lil man is getting! So cute! I can't wait to spend our summer days lounging at the pool with our studs :)

Tina said...


Brody is a studly wee man.